At Oakleigh, grey is the new black, and out newly inducted Men's veterans team have introduced themselves into the Super35's League as a force to be reckoned with. Built with the heroes of seasons past, the men have proved they still have a bit of gas left in the tank. After playing an undefeated season prior to the second lockdown of 2021, the veterans were well on their way to winning their first premiership in their debut season. We have no doubt that these old boys will continue to pull out new surprises from their old bag of tricks.



01/04 - Oakleigh vs Marcellin Bald Eagles Maroon (H)

10/04 - De La Salle vs Oakleigh (A)

01/05 - Marcellin Bald Eagles Blue vs Oakleigh (A)

27/05 - Oakleigh vs St Kevin's (H)

19/06 - Marcellin Bald Eagles Maroon vs Oakleigh (A)

01/07 - Oakleigh vs De La Salle (H)

15/07 - Oakleigh vs Marcellin Bald Eagles Blue (H)

31/07 - St Kevin's vs Oakleigh (A)

Black and White Star in Circle


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